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Nawaka village Methodist choir – Over the Rainbow

In a small Fijian village just outside Nadi, a church choir was hearing one of the world’s most recognisable songs for the first time. Less than a day later, they would tackle their own arrangement of it – with stunning results.

The project was dreamed up by Nick Dwyer and Dick Johnson – two New Zealand DJs with a love of exotic music from around the globe.
After DJing at a George FM party in Fiji and never leaving the resort, they were inspired to return and explore further.
Dwyer was especially drawn back because his family lived there in the early 1970s before he was born, but he had never visited himself.

“It was this weird thing where I’d spent the last 10, 15 years travelling all over the world and yet I really haven’t explored what’s in my backyard,” he says.
“[But] just three hours away lies this incredible, unique culture.”

Dwyer was surprised to learn the Nawaka Village Methodist Choir had never heard ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, originally performed by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

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