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Bula Maleya

Bula Maleya kei Viti talega
Cauravou era yalo qaqa
Vosa na wai e vakalasalasa
Ni bula ni bula kece sara

Nanumi Viti vanua lailai
Nona sasaga me toro cake mai
Tubu ko Viti me rogo edai
Vuravura Maleya me kilai

E da sa mai veikune tale
Me noda tu na lagilagi
E da sa cibicibitaka yani
Yaca i Viti vua na ranadi

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11 comments to Bula Maleya

  • Ravda

    many people do not know that this song was used in the movie starring Elvis Presley in “Blue Hawaii” @ the Polynesian Cultural Center featuring Ft. Ratu Isireli Racule. The original song is Drums of the Islands.

  • Bale V. Cavu

    I remember seeing this in Paradise Hawaiian Style in the end. Is this the same movie?

  • jessica rodrigues

    it might be. it is possible

  • jessica rodrigues

    i’m guessing it is but it might not be. i don’t know.

  • Todd Weiler

    Paradise: Hawaiian Style and Blue Hawaii are two movies Elvis Presley make in Hawaii. “Drums of the Islamds is featured in Paradise:Hawaiian Style released in 1965. Credits to Iserali Recule are given in the opening scene flying over Waikiki Beach. Lyrics changed from this song.

  • Bryan Chun

    It was Paradise Hawaiian Style with James Shigeta and Donna Butterworth alongside Elvis. That portion was filmed at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC).

    Later, the song’s title was adapted to “Bula Laie” for sheet music (used by Kahuku High School – for students living in Laie and several other communities on the windward/North Shore of Oahu) to commemorate the town of Laie, the many students from Laie participating in the band, AND the PCC which is located in Laie.

    Elvis was standing at the top of the manmade ‘mountain’ during filming and I was able to see him (albeit from the highway outside of the PCC).

    The PCC was a part of the Church College of Hawaii, now known as Brigham Young University – Hawaii. The PCC offered jobs to students attending the college, as well as to students and residents all through the windward/North Shore. Many of my classmates have worked, studied, and still there with their familes.

    For a timeline of the Church College/PCC/BYU-H, see

  • Kate

    It’s paradise Hawaiian style staring Elvis Presley

  • This song is Fijian guys.

  • Sabu

    Who owns the copyright of this song?

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