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Waikatakata vure e delani nuku vula (Artist)

Maciu Salauca the band leader of Waikatakata Vure e Delani ni Nuku Vula literally is 21 years old. He is from Sevaci village, Vaturova Cakaudrove. He dropped out of Vaturova Secondary School at Form 1.

The boys of the band share a common bond – they are unemployed, love music and are worried about piracy.

Lack of financial support and guidance can tarnish a groups effort to continue recording.

However, it was through perseverance and commitment, that the popular Cakaudrove group, Waikatakata Vure ni Delainukuvula have managed to surprise their fans for the last three years with their singing.

They have performed in various social gathering, charity events and even before Prime Minister commodore, Voreqe Bainimarama at the Naval Base last year.

And voted one of the top best songs of 2010. The group was formed after daily sigi drigi sessions around the grog bowl in their village, Sevavi , Vaturova, Cakaudrove. It is made up of young talented singers in the like of Maciu Salauca ( lead singer) , Inoke Vuki, Sira Ravutoni , Lemeki Tunidau, Tomasi Rabuka and is managed by Iliesa Bavita.

Following their first album in 2008, this group has slowly made their way into the local Fijian music scene, bringing into the Fijian pop song market, a whole new level of musical composition over pre-recorded music.

Equipped with what they have learnt singing in the village, Waikatakata Vure have managed to turned their song, Koa Coriti, translated as “you were easily charmed my love” on top of the music chart, and voted top favourites by listeners of Viti and Bula FM last year.

Songwriter, Maciu said most of the songs he writes are inspired by people’s personal stories and personal experiences that he goes through in life.

“Koa Coriti Noqu Senikau can be also translated as a woman’s emotion tangled or weaved like flowers in the salusalu.

“The song was inspired by a cousin of mine whose girlfriend was not completely truthful to him and was reminiscing about how she is like a flower attached on a salusalu.

“When she left him, she becomes a woman who is coriti , in this case, easily led astray.

“At times, I write songs when I thinking and whatever that comes into my mind, I try and write them down and this becomes the basis of a song.”

Some of their songs that have toped the Fijian pop chart includes, Koa Coriti, Mo Bau Voleke Mai Vei Au, Fane Lei Tinaqu, NI o Vaqaqara and Gauna Rui Mositi Au. The group is expected to release another album in July.

“This album will be more about the people, places and vanua, mostly songs of the vanua,” Maciu said.

“We will be cutting down on love songs and focus more on other themes.”

Mr Bavita who has been managing the group for the past year said the boys have talents and have great stage presence which was a reason behind their continuous success.

“They’re liked by all individuals ranging from young to old,” he said.

“They have also been supported by the villagers and people from the district, so they are always eager to showcase their talent to the best they can in any performance.”

The group has struggled to get their songs recorded and get their songs played in the local radio station.

“We had to do a lot of promotions to get the boys into where they are today,” he said.

“There were some challenges after they recorded Volume One and it was only next year that they actually picked up.”

Despite the challenges, the group has managed to maintained their fan base and hoped to inspire their listeners performing live instruments.

“The boys all play an instrument each and the only challenge they face is not having enough money to buy their instruments,” Mr Bavita said.

“We know that live music is mostly preferred by many nowadays and we want to be able to take these boys talent to another level by introducing them to live performance.”

From The Fiji Times

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