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Tubuna Veiseyaki

Tubuna Veiseyaki is finally realising his dream of becoming a gospel singer after releasing his third gospel album earlier this week.

Titled Veivakurabuitaki, Tubuna has showed maturity in this album, in terms of vocals, lyrical expressions and musical design, compared to previous albums.

“I must say that working with musical talents like Etonia Lote Junior and Manu Railoa is really a privilege, and in working with Manu for the first time, many commented on the live pieces of music that he put into the album and it has added value to it,” Tubuna says.

Veivakurabuitaki is being distributed right now, but not launched yet.

However a review of the album reveals the musical talent in this Votua villager from Lekutu in Bua.

Each song in the 10-song album is a testimony to his God, his families, friends and even to the maligned in society. Tubuna is beautifully backed by Lai Veikoso’s Lani Veibete and Naitasiri teenager Katarina Turagakacivi.

“This album is all about relationships. Relationship with God, relationship with other people and even our relationship as a nation like that song Bula Smile which is about reconciliation, rebuilding our island home, rebuild our home with true racial harmony,” Tubuna said.

His title track Veivaku­rabuitaki is a lament about his health after he contracted pneumonia last year.

“It (sickness) nearly did me in because it was so bad and I was bedridden for a whole month.”

Giving a Second Chance is a song that he dedicates to the Fiji Corrections Service’s Yellow Ribbon Program which he hopes will allow people to accept those who are trying to make better lives for themselves after being in prison while Send You Light is his rendition of Pastor Ciri Delana’s original composition.

Another song, Vakadua Tale Mada, is a personal plea to God to help his cousin whose mind and soul was broken by a personal tragedy.

Recorded at the Dokidoki Studio, this will be Tubuna’s third album, borne of a singing career which started back in his village at Votua in Bua.

His dad was the Pentecostal Church of Fiji pastor at his village and Tubuna grew up around the church band and choral arrangements.

“I joined the church choir and band. It was part of my dream to be able to sing gospel because at the time, the best known gospel group was the Akafa Family Gospel. 2001 was when I first started writing songs with the help of one gentleman, Joe Tuinaosara.

“In 2009 I did my first album, recording with Adriu Saranuku at the Love Lifted Studio in Lautoka.”

Tubuna’s first album titled Kalou Dau Loloma was popular among many Christian denominations in Lautoka with the title track and another song Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua gaining a following.

“I ended up being invited everywhere, by other churches in and around Lautoka to hold concerts. After that, I sang in church until I found a job, which enabled to afford my dream of recording my own albums. I was able to record my second album after three years,” he said.

In 2012, Tubuna recorded Dau ni Veivakacegui which produced more hits like the song Dau ni Veisereki which he sang with Vilimone Lote and the New Covenant group. The album also produced other well known songs like Jiova Rafa and Matenitu i Jiova.

Tubuna also recorded a single track titled Nau with Kiti Niumataiwalu was last year’s Mother’s Day tribute.

“We got a lot of air time for that song and we were working on the video clip which is now just about finished and about to be released soon,” he said.

Tubuna is also the guest artist at the Central Christian Centre Youth Gospel Concert to be held at the church premises in Nausori on July 7.

The concert is organised by the CCC’s youth wing, with president Betty Cavuilati saying the main aim of the concert is to help the church pay off facilities it built to house the youth wing office and Sunday school classrooms.

“Secondly, if through dance worship and songs, people get to know Christ or at least draw them nearer to Him, that would be our ultimate objective.

“Last but not the least, we want to showcase local talents we have in church and in the Nausori community,” Cavuilati said.

Music groups that have already confirmed that they will take part include the CCC dance team and youth worship team, CCC Sunday school ministry, the Narawa family group, an Assemblies of God youth group and the Neighbourhood Worship team.

“Yes, all members of the public are most welcome. Please do come and join us. You will hear anointed gospel songs and items from Fijian meke, African Island dance and many more.

“To the working group, BBQ and other foods will be sold. Coffee will also be available to keep people warm during the evening. To all young people, you are all invited,” Cavuilati said.

(From Fiji times by Solomoni Biumaiono, Sunday, June 16, 2013


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