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Noqu Lewa

Ya’ll know when I say 140
( barata young , pon dis island stylo….with me family …2jackrow pon di row)

Noqu lewa kerea vosoti au mai
Ni ko yali ,mai vei au sa rui dredre vei au na bula

Girl you the one that me really love
Come stay by me side let me give u love
Inami heart you’re the first one girl
You look so fine n u rock my world
We’ll never be apart, right from the start
You and me forever,,,,

Triple p ponjey mai Bust it
Girl the way you look bara look so fine
The way you dressing up bara look so shine
Its me ponjey blazing up pon di time
Me love for you never go drop or slack
I want to go bounce when I see the dark clouds
My head go round and round and am feeling so down
Cos you got on the ground begging u for last round
Its me me k- bway blazing up on dis sound

YD Pon di mic seeeee
Shes a natural Fijian lady , that she got me down and crazy
Me no tiing ba me come this far , cos shes my one and sweet superstar
Me no , me no , me no first , but I can be your best , my chest that’s where you gon be rest Au domoni iko sega ni biuti iko rawa

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