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My Love For You

Ft Young Davie and KKU

Verse 1:
Hey girll its you
You are the one for me
There’s nothing i can’t do
For you babyblue
Your eyes shines so bright
Like the falling stars in the sky
N your smile gets me so high

Chorus: (2×)
Coz you’re the apple of my eye
Baby girl i can’t deny
My love for you will never die
uwo ohhhh uwo ohhhhh

Verse 2:
I walk the streets
Alone at nite
Wondering if i ever crossed your mind
They say love is blind
And that it takes time
But i fell for you at first sight

Barata Young
You are the apple of my eye
Girl me tell you no lie
I’ll love you till the day I die
this love I cant deny
and I wanna unify
Be my wife you my likol angel eyes

N even though sometimes
I keep asking myself why
There was no gudbye
From you angel eyes
Tudoodoodoo tudoodoodoo tudoodoodoo(3×)

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