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Makare is working on a new Album targeting for a release on the 6th of September. This a posting on ‘Big Wilz You Tube channel:

Have you got their first album? Check it out below on iTunes.

Makare was formed in 2010, by four passionate musicians from Lautoka and Nadi, Fiji Islands. Their debut album shares the love they have have for classic forgotten Fijian songs, with the aim of bringing them back to life.

Band members

Filimone Dakei
Felix Chaudhary
Simione Rova
William Waqanibaravi

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12 comments to Makare

  • Mosese Baseisei

    Good piece of work.

    Good idea to bring back all the old classics. I’m sure most young people today will be hearing some of the songs for the first time as well.

  • Iliavi Kato

    Old classics made new…A CLASS ACT & A CUT ABOVE THE REST.
    Totoka vakaoti…vina valevu djina.

  • Biss

    very original video clip….Na gauna.And Sobo lesu mai ca way you guys sang it its like big boys lullaby,smooth and easy listening.Thank you boys.

  • As far as music is concerned in Fiji, this group is the best, yes indeed a cut above the rest, no doubt about that.You really made me crazy with your style of singing, the relations of the chords were excellent; expressing lyrics in a much deeper affection, even the old songs were sung perfectly to what they should have been way back.Vinaka Vakalevu and keep it up. I will await the release of your new album on the 6th September.

  • Caroline Williams

    There is a coolness and difference in your style of music that draws all ages…My 14 yr old loves to listen & sing your songs and I am definitely buying your CDs as gifts to my siblings overseas who love listening to Fijian music! Looking forward to buying your new CD as well…

  • TuMeli

    Makare takes us back to the good old days, listening to those old tunes.
    Is the Vol 2 out, if yes where can i purchase it?

  • Harry

    I just love listening to the way you guys sing those old tunes. It’s just so soothing. Heard these songs when I was young but nothing like the way you guys sing it…just awesome guys. Looking forward to more tunes from you guys..indeed Makare……..

  • Bill "Ravoravo" Wakawaka

    Im a diehard fan of Makare…You guys rock…i love the way you guys sings….The way you guys sings together with the music is just so harmonising and complete….Vinaka Makare for the volume 1 and 2….im sure volume 3 is coming too and its just around the corner….

    Keep it up and keep it coming!

  • Volavola


  • Asha Sharma

    I am in love with Makare group. Their singing is awesome…. 🙂

  • Mila Bar

    It is indeed a stunning marvelous & skin-raising effort compiled with beautiful voices plus style of music to bring the oldies to the present is awesome! Stay Young & keep on keeping on…

  • Leitonga ni Vanuatu

    You guys Rock. I watched your show last year 2015 sometimes towards the end of April behind the Civic Centre in Suva and I just fell in love with your music. Rythm just so soothing. No doubt you have fans in Vanuatu. Makare, you’re da bomb!!!

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