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Jese Mucunabitu (Artist)

You have heard Whispering Palms, Fascinating Fiji, Stars Over Fiji, Tropical Dawn – all sung by Jese Mucunabitu. This songs were composed and written by the Late Ted Beddoes. He was was an accomplished composer and songwriter with an unbridled passion for Fiji. His compositions helped Jese’s career 15 years ago as he result he travels all over the world promoting Fiji.

This from the Fiji Times:

Ted’s compositions, recorded also by both Jese and crooner Gilman Lasaisuva are all-time favourites and have also found their way into the playlists of former Fiji residents around the world. Even tourists visiting our shores are endeared to these songs.

“Ted Beddoes loved Fiji. The swaying palm trees, tropical dawns, breathtaking sunsets, the natural beauty of her landscapes, the drone of the lali in the early morn, colourful hibiscus and aromatic frangipani were all romanticised in songs that he wrote about his beloved homeland,” Jese said.

“Locals who have left Fiji’s shores for far off places cherish these tunes and the vivid images of moonlit beaches, star-studded night skies and islands basking in the tropical sun described by Ted’s songs.”

Ted and Jese are related through the Morell connection to their maternal side – hence the chance discussion about the recordings.

“Ted came up to me while I was entertaining at Tiko’s one evening and said that he had some songs and poems about Fiji that he wanted me to look at. So we got together around the grog bowl at his place and picked out a few numbers. After that we began recording at the late Peter Foon’s studio in Tamavua and next thing I knew Ted’s songs put me on the road, travelling around the world singing songs about Fiji! I’ve travelled as far as Japan and I’m still travelling today- in May this year I’m going to New Zealand to promote Fiji as a holiday destination and it’s all because of Ted’s songs, I am deeply saddened by his passing,” the singer said.

Jese has travelled to Australia for the past 14 years to perform at the Fiji Day celebrations there and despite the fact that he sings other songs- fans keep asking and insisting for the songs that made him famous.

In March last year, Ted gathered a group of musicians – singer Gilman Lasaisuva, guitarist Simone Rova and producer Bill Beddoes at his nephew, Mick Beddoes residence in Sabeto Nadi for a recording session.

The sessions progressed until October last year, two months prior to Ted Beddoes departure to New Zealand for medical treatment.

“He had composed 30 more songs about Fiji and wanted them recorded as soon as possible – he kept insisting that the songs had to be done quickly. Maybe he knew that he was running out of time and wanted to complete something that was dear to his heart. I’m honoured that such a great songwriter chose me to sing his songs. This is my first recording after 20 years and I only decided to do it because of Ted and his beautiful music,” Gilman said.

One of the first songs recorded during this session, Fiji On My Mind, is currently playing on Mix FM and according to station manager Irshad Hussein, requests have been pouring in for more plays.

“Listeners have been calling in and asking that we play Fiji On My Mind over and over again. He was such a great songwriter – and his love for Fiji is clearly shown through his songs. Mix FM will host a tribute to Ted Beddoes tomorrow to highlight the amazing collection of songs composed by this talented son of Fiji,” Hussein said.

Ted’s nephew – musician, recording engineer and producer – Bill Beddoes said that his uncle had ‘written some great stuff’ and was ‘a prolific songwriter’.

“He will be missed, he was so passionate about Fiji and you can hear it in the words of his songs. Gilman, Simi and I, together with Mick, will grant him his last wish and record his last compositions as a tribute to one of Fiji’s greatest songwriters,” Bill said.

The late Edward James (Ted) Beddoes leaves behind a legacy of service to the country spanning decades, the musical masterpieces that he penned over four decades will for sure, continue to touch the lives of people for many years to come.

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    11 comments to Jese Mucunabitu (Artist)

    • Melita Lynden-Bell

      My daughter got married in November 2013 in Fiji. As a present to me she bought a CD Fascinating FIJI. Unfortunately the CD is skipping and not working 1/2 way through. Please could you tell me how to get a replacement? I can send mine to you if you give me an address? Kind regards Melita. PS I love your music. 5 Kate Street, Turramurra, NSW 2074 Australia

      • admin

        Bula Melita
        This is the administrator of this site.
        I recommend that you ask for a replacement from the shop you bought the CD from.

      • Esiteri

        This is a direct contact to reach Jese Mucunabitu (artist)

        Tikos Floating Restaurant
        P.O Box 1099

        Jese Mucunabitu is a resident entertainer at Tikos Floating Restaurant.He is willing to replace your defected CD for free.
        Please,contact him,
        His phone number is 9615201.

      • Esiteri

        Check your reply in admin reply to you

    • Lindsay Baumhor

      We’re can I but a copy of Fascinating Fiji? I can’t find it in iTunes or on the web.

    • Esiteri

      This is Esiteri,Jese’s wife,he can send you a CD on any Album of his personally.You can contact him.
      He’s phone number is (679)9615201

    • Bernice Spowart

      Esiteri, I would love to have acopy of Jese’s CD with the tune “Heaven in My Fiji, Mum, Islands in the Sun.” I am coming to Fiji in Feb booked in at the Warwick. I am bringing my husband’s ashes back to his country and would love to play Jese’s music. I played “Heaven in My Fiji” at his funeral here in NZ. Makes me cry when I hear it.

    • Jay

      I was told that the lyrics to Heaven In My Fiji were written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer. Is that true? What was his name?

    • Bernice Spowart

      Ephraim Robinson. It is now April 2020 and I have just come across this message 2 years after my visit to Fiji. So sorry I have not answered your message. I am back in NZ Marlborough South Island. My email is I often play Jese’s music by having his music on my cell phone. I cannot get his music on my Alexa so am quite disappointed. He still brings tears to my eyes when I hear his music. Just love it. Thanks.

    • Vikatoria

      Bula All,
      If anyone could assist me, i am trying to print out the lyrics for Jese Mucunabitu songs to make a song book for my father-in-law who is a big fan. He had told me about wanting to have a song book as he also loves music.
      I wish to get him a copy if there is any song book so i can give it to my dad as a gift.

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