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Elizabeth Vuatalevu (Artist)

She is the voice and face behind the Buy Fijian Made music video seen on Fiji Television. But you probably don’t know much about Elizabeth Vuatalevu.

Elizabeth is 22 years old and is from Mavana, Vanuabalavu. She currently studies at the University of the south Pacific and is a budding singer. She is from a musical family and the youngest of five children.

This is a recent article from the Fiji Times about Elizabeth

“I am a bathroom singer. The acoustic in the bathroom are always so good so I would stay in the bathroom for a long time listening to myself sing. Outside of the bathroom, my family have jam sessions where we’re all singing and playing an instrument.

Music to me is the personal expression of oneself. It is a language that anyone from anywhere can speak. I guess I’ve always unconsciously involved myself in various art forms such as music, dance, poetry and theatre. Her first performance in front of an audience other than her family and friends was during a talent quest competition at Veiuto Primary School. She performed an accapella mash-up and won first prize.

She later joined the school band while at Suva Grammar School and entered yet another talent quest at Yat Sen when she was in Form Seven.

In 2008, I sang a solo piece at the USP graduation alongside the talented Elena Baravilala. I was also a member of the Pasifika Voices at the time directed by the amazing Igelese Ete,” said the Bachelor of Arts in Education student. In the same year, I played the female lead in USP’s Oceania Centre theatre piece A Portrait of Tagimoucia, produced by Alan Alo. I was Tagimocia.”

In 2010, she sang backup for Paulini Curuenavuli, Dee Uluirewa and Sam Vulaca at the Give Back to Fiji concert. Last year, she was a member of the Malaga: The Journey production and sang a solo piece. In between all these, she’s performed a number of gigs both paid and for fundraising purposes.

I think time is my biggest challenge. It would be really great if I actually had the time to really sit down and work on my music. I have a few unfinished songs that have been shunned for the moment because of school and life,” she said.

I hope to make headway with something real soon. I know that God will inspire me and push me in the right direction. I have always been a confident person but I guess performing to an audience over time has helped me retain that confidence and develop my talent.

“Igelese Ete taught me that when we sing, we sing to inspire and I believe that if we sing with passion and the love for this great gift, we achieve a lot more than those who have earned a fortune on this.”

Elizabeth says her parents are her leaders and biggest fans, always encouraging her to use her God-given gift.

“They are my mentors, my inspiration and they love me unconditionally,” she said.

On writing her own songs, Elizabeth says it’s all a work in progress but hopes to one day find the time, motivation and inspiration from God to finish it.

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