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Lami ni bai

Lami ni bai

Sensational local I-Taukei group Waikatakata Vure e Delainukuvula will launch their new Gospel album, the Lami Ni Bai Gospel tomorrow (Friday).

The group comprising of a group of young singers from the village of Sevaci, Vaturova in Vanua Levu have been hitting the local market since 2008 and they believed this is the right time to sing and praise the Almighty.
Lead singer and 2011 Fiji Music Award winner Maciu Salauca said the idea to start a gospel album to coincide with their existing group was brought up because they believed that it’s about time they sang praises for the Lord instead of focusing on worldly songs alone.

“Every time we seem to focus on worldly songs and we tend to forget to sing praises for the Almighty who give us our variety of talents,” Salauca said.
“This is why we have decided to launch our new Gospel album so that we have at least some songs to praise our Lord Almighty.
“There are 10 songs altogether in this album and we will be launching all these songs tomorrow. Salauca said they hoped to send a message to the public after the launch that God should be praised every time.

He is also calling on members of the public to come out in numbers and support the worthy cause with tickets going on sale for $5.

From the Fiji Sun

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